woensdag 23 juni 2010

MARCH part 2

After a refreshing night at Auntie Anne's and a shower in her beam-me-up-Scotty ablution tower, we departed for Aldershot, loading our stuff onto the back seat having found no way to crack the security of the boot. There were few problems, unlike my past visits to Aldershot via South Wales.  We did have a set-to with Bernadet's Mobile navigation system, which was totally lost lost but too proud to admit it. It kept saying things that sounded like "That's funny, I could have sworn this went through...well, never mind, just bear with me for a minute, I thing you need to take a right, or maybe a left, but it's still 50/50". We all managed to get to the pub and after much embracing and cooing over babies and my isn't she getting big and lots of men all knowing how to open the boot but failing miserably - we all sat down to eat. A really good meal and it was warming to have all these lovely, happy people. 

A picture being worth a thousand words, I leave you with these photographic mementos of a lovely day, even if we only saw everybody for three hours. Southampton Airport is shitty.

Four generations if you include the cameraman.

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