zondag 31 augustus 2008


You just follow the instructions in the previous message. Heiloo-Online (link on the right) picks up any drawing that has the same title as the nieuws item, and it gets inserted in the text automatically. Obviously, as the news gets out of date, items drop off the bottom. Just go to Spikes Uitkijkpost by clicking on my face on the right. We can't wait to get to New Zealand either! Irene is here next week. Not with Lisa, she has just started at Harvard. Very bright lady! Heiloo-Online is on the right - just click on the logo. I can only draw something that fits a headline and which I can adapt without knowing the story behind it. Just look around! Everything in the rightmost column of this blog is clickable - feel free to click! It is nice to know that someone comes here from the other side of the world! Btw, I am putting all my favorite cartoons from other people (real cartoonists, I mean!) in a Picassa photo book - will place on the right today.
Love you, Dad.

donderdag 28 augustus 2008


Of special interest to our regular readers (the 3 people who visit here every month) I no longer put my own drawings here in this blog, apart from the latest. Heiloo-online Nieuws picks them up directly from the archive. They also don't make much sense here, as they are based on a headline of the local news and are out of context. If you still want to see them, go to the archive SPIKES UITJIJKPOST by clicking on the picture on the right. Don't be the last! There have been 2 visitors already this week, and it's only Thursday!

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Odds and ends found at the bottom of a camera

More from the sump at the bottom of the camera. I am not sure if these photos ever went anywhere, but I'll put them here in case. Some are presumably from last Christmas when we were all together.
But first. specially for Adam, some more gems from cartoonist Larry

(These are all now in Picassa album Favorite Cartoonists)

3,2,1 - You're back in the room.

3 generations of beer-drinking TV watchers.

Tony with aging git of a granddad

Look at that stupid old bugger with a camera.

Frans and Carolientje at Frans's wedding.

Dinner at the Golf Club, doncha know

Enigmatic sisters

Bernadet at 45 (degrees)

Fun sisters

Another masterpiece from the late Larry Parkes



woensdag 27 augustus 2008

Horses and things

Some more stuff found while scraping the bottom of the camera. This is the bridge which Rosa and Katinka usually negotiate quite safely on the way to the Pony Club for a lesson. Last week it went completely wrong. Merel on Katinka went first without a problem, but Rosa with Sophie on board stopped in the middle and then decided to back off, but unfortunately not in a straight line. Happily the drop is not so large, quite unsuitable for bungy jumping, and the mud is extremely soft, black and squidgy to break one's fall. And it stinks. Poor Sophie and the horse made a graceful backward dive. The horse scrambled out one way and Sophie the other, while I was still deciding which one to jump in after and save. My indecision saved me from a smelly mud bath. Both horse and Sophie were unharmed, although they had both turned black by now. I myself recieved a nasty drop of black mud on the tip of my nose which quite ruined my handkerchief. We will not be using this bridge again.

Even shit-shoveling can be fun if you are in good company.

Merel with Oscar, a Shitland Pony of our neighbour

Theres something irritating on my back!

Ah! Thats rubbed it off!

Look carefully at this picture of Emma jumping with Katinka for 10 minutes while repeating the words 'Tense, nervous headache'.

The Stal Sprenkeling Barbecue

While emptying the camera I came across a number of photos and don't know what to do with them. Why not Here? These from the bbq at Jan and Jeanette.

Getting around on two wheels.

There has been lots of activity in matters of transport recently. Denise, Emma and Sophie got it into their heads to take their bikes to pieces and pimp them up.
Emma would appear to be indicating that one photo is probably enough.

Merel has finally got her scooter license and is, as shown, overjoyed. Unfortunately she rammed boyfriend Thijs in the rear. This slight bump to the number plate of his scooter ( on the road since 1991) has apparently caused some misalignment of the sub-frame, distorting thereby the critical matching of piston and cylinder and requiring possibly a new engine as correction to the problem. Should Merel make good through her insurance, her no-claim career will have lasted exactly 42 minutes. The somewhat plain appearance of the scooter is but temporary, hardcore stickers apparently already on the way.

Smaller people need smaller motorcycles. This one owned by Ranier, is just brilliant!

Larry - Luge

Mister Bean and the Bean Factory

Having a vegetable garden is great, but if things come only during a limited period, the whole crop has to be processed and stored. Beans for example. Two freezers are now full with beans. We will be eating beans for many months, if only to make room for something else!

Cartoons from Private eye etc

I make cartoons for Heiloo-Online for fun. I can only draw things that are finished in seconds, and consequently admire those who can do it properly, and in seconds - such as the late Larry Parkes, although all pale before the great Gary Larson. If I come across others that I think you would like, I shall scan them and post here. The following are from 'Private Eye'. I forgot to include 'Gumbah' of the Volkskrant amongst my favorites.