zaterdag 20 september 2008

Jan's new toy

As the sun sets on Stal Sprenkeling we observe Jan with his new tractor attachment; a dung mover. There is nothing like the glitch of tractor wheels trying to get a grip up a steep hill of wet straw and horseshit, the smell of freshly shredded excrement as it is flung onto the mountain. O, the romance of it all!

Mine! All mine!

Anna's wonderful project

I will not say much about this except to urge everyone to visit Anna's moving school project.
This is just fabulous for a girl of 16.

Click Anna on the right at the top

vrijdag 19 september 2008

More fantastic translation from Google

Sorry! I could not resist this! This is Google's version of the story about the old farmhouse of Bernadet's granddad. So if you don't understand the Dutch in this blog, use Google to give you a perfect translation!

For the farm of my grandfather (and later my uncle and his children) is a sloopvergunning requested. To prevent the demolition hammer with a piece of horticultural history of Heiloo disappears, I asked my father about the history of the farm. The farm was probably built around 1900, the year that my grandfather was born. He started a mixed farm with a few cows, strawberries, apsperges, beans and tulips. Saturday, the farm is about 2 acres of land. The early years were not easy. It was at the beginning of the crisis years and if he had not bought the company, he was probably walk away. It was anything but profitable. The milk was only 3 cents per liter, the peas 4 ct per kilo and a carton of strawberries (2.5 kg) yielded only a quarter on.

It was not easy times. My grandfather and grandmother had 12 children, so there was something earned. In time the crisis was by government or aid given to these firms, not in cash but in kind. Otherwise they would eat or clothes for the children of Buying and that was not the intention. No, you had to return a map and then you got for example a wheelbarrow with a pneumatic tire. This was a whole progress. All these wheelbarrows manure spreading over the country had to be, this was a lot lighter and you could also bring together more. Other "small growers aid" consisted of things such as a manure fork, hoe, pitchfork, etc.

In the stable behind the woonboerderij fit about 6 cows.
Most farmers, as my grandfather had only cows in the winter (These farmers were deliberately backers said). He had in the early period but a couple of cows owned. He borrowed money in the bank for two additional cows. In the spring, then went back to the dealer and the loan was repaid back. The cow he owned had been sold again. There have been at this farm is actually never walked out of cows. I think the ground is too expensive for washing. In the crisis years, my grandfather lost the right to grow tulips. There was an oversupply of tulips, they yielded very little on it. My grandfather therefore decided to halve its tulips construction of 400 AW to 200 AW. Then came the association of growers however bulbs with the measure that all tulips farmers still only half of the year could grow. The kids had to stop completely. My grandfather had therefore decided too early, because now he could therefore have only one quarter of its original volume grow. That he was such a small grower become, that he no longer received authorization. His confidence in this organization had a considerable toll. He thought he was much wronged.

The pump house

The pump house next to the farm was built after the war. The land surrounding the farm was becoming drier, probably by the water from the dunes. The growers tried first by zandafgraving the ground again to get a little less dry. The sand could they lost to contractors for the houses. This brought only temporary relief. Because all neighboring gardeners went to do the same, thus destroying the effect was made. After the war, there was the Marshall Aid for the reconstruction of the Netherlands. Many gardeners in this area have received a subsidy when source store and a pump to buy, so they could irrigate the land. at a given moment, however, there was so much water diverted from that too little water for drinking water remained in the dunes. There was a rule that when the farmers had to start paying for water that they took from the ground. This, however, as they were wrongly, that it was massively rejected. The rule was tacitly abolished. For the drinking water was extra water from the leak through the Zuiderzee, the dunes been inflated.

donderdag 18 september 2008

Lunchtime drinking

Not much to report of the last two weeks, but some snippets for your enrichment. Today Emma came home during the school lunch-break. I've brought a friend home. We only have time for a drink. Oh! and she's brought her friend. And her sister. And that friend has brought two of her friends... and her friend has....
When all 11 of them were assembled in the kitchen, I just had to make a picture. If you counted nine, one is in the toilet and the other hid herself. Doesn't like being in photos. Drains your ectoplasm or something. See you all again soon!

By the way. thanks to Anon who put a reaction against one of my cartoons. I have never had any reaction to a drawing before, so few people know they are there ( about 10 visits a day). The comment was in English, so I assume family. Thanks.

By the way, those who speak both Dutch and English, try translating stuff using Google's translator for web-pages. It's hilarious. Bernadet had a story about crossing runner-beans and green beans, and about the two horses with foals out in a meadow. It translates to English as.....

Bean or snijbonen?
Never knew that if you cut and green beans too close to each other plant, an intersection of the two can get. My father always shows what beans "thick" which he then harvest as planting for the year thereafter. A few times this go wrong. As this year. Between the sperziebonenplanten, were this year a few plants that yielded beans that you do not snijbonen but no green beans can. But like the nature of some slack!

Horses and foals online
During a fietsritje by Heiloo I could not ask for even a few pictures of the ponies and foals of Stal Sprenkels to make. They are delicious this summer outside on the country. The 2 mothers with foals, very nice to see.

Opa and the mellow plants.

Strange goings on the in Opa's garden!

Your humble reporter was admiring the preparation of seeds for next year's runner bean mountain.........

And the amazingly tall tomato plants.....

.. when he noticed something strangely familiar - a blast from the past as it were...

... and took a closer look...

By the cringe, these are getting quite high, as indeed shall we all at harvest time!

For the reserved English in the family, this is all quite legal. It is the right, in Holland, for every citizen to grow five hash plants as 'botanical specimens'. This a project between Opa and Tineke. A joint venture one might say.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Scooterman!.

What with the scooter accelerating away from the house every morning at amazing velocity, with large passengers aboard and tires squealing like stuck pigs, it came as a total surprise and a dreadful shock to learn that it was buggered. It started to liberally spray petrol around as if the stuff just came out of the ground. Fortunately Kees is a wonder at scooter repairs. Watch and learn as he completes the delicate alignment of the crankshaft using a micrometer and a crankshaft alignment sledge-hammer. The carburettor was wrenched off violently, mercilessly dismembered, the parts shaken up in a petrol-filled cocktail shaker, brutally rammed back into place, and it started first kick and ran sweetly.

In this extract from the manual, the correct procedure for replacing the air filter of the Peugot Vivacity Sport 1997 model is clearly shown.

Hay making - The sequel

With the fine weather, it was possible for Jan to get a second lot of grass cut. Just in time. The day after it was all successfully baled and stored, it rained heavily. Here are some totally meaningless pictures of bales of hay. No reason for including them, but all good rural stuff.

We are not good photographers, but I am sure that Sara will agree that luck plays a part.
I am not sure who took this, but I adore this photo.

More from the bottom of the camera.

I'm not sure whether you folks down under have got these photos, but I doubt that you would recognise the fact if it were so. More from Christmas.

Anna and Tony

Yes'n how many roads will it take till.....

Thankyou, thankyou - you're too kind! Really!

Anna with aging git

Mark my words, young Tony!

God, I was a lovely mover in my day.


No! No! Please not that one! Not the one with the chins!

Thats the one!


Girlie Shopping

There are times when growing girls need new clothes. One option is to give them vast quantities of one's hard earned cash (not that I am actually earning anything at the moment, apart from my miserable pension which is just enough to keep the horse). There are dangers here, as what teenagers see as suitable clothing may include tattoos and belly-piercings. The alternative is to load them into a car and go off on a shopping spree without giving them any money at all. The idea is to make one pass up the shopping street in Amsterdam seeing what is available and making choices within the allotted budget. If not, they would be out of money by shop 2 and come to realise that they could have done better if they had known what was in shops 3 - 187. Then we turn around and go back collecting all the stuff in one quick pass, hoping that nobody has a change of heart that ruins the plan and the timing of the quick escape, that the chosen stuff is still available and that we will all still be sane by the time we are done.

Mmmm.. I can't wait to get to the shops! That's why I'm smiling!

Well, I'm in a shop now, and I managed to keep this same smile going for more than an hour!

This is a bit tight

This is all a load of crap!

Oh dear! What an embarassment!

Done! Lets get home!

Wait'll you see my coat, babe, wait'll you see my coat... (Snoop Dog)