dinsdag 21 juli 2009

A visit from Frans

Hello family in NZ, Canada, England . My computer is working a bit but suffering from the DEFCON Trojan worm and I cannot get rid off it, but I have got it backed up into a corner where I poke it up the arris with a big stick of Kaspersky. This month a vist from Frans, Suzanne and little Sam, a very handsome fellow you will agree.

Sam with a rabbit.

If I could get them to do his on a plank, they would make fantastic living bookends. Might smell a bit though.

Bernadet and Sam

Also visiting from the States, Quincy, as strong as Mike Tyson.
Hard to believe he is only 17.

I hate being sent into the house to fabricate snacks. Best way to make sure I don´t get sent again is to make it as unpalatable as possible. Nibble anyone?

And finally to round off a particularly empty episode, some things in the garden

Now that the computer is up and running properly, I shall be up at the crack of dawn to process more photos.